Griaß di, Servus.

Tradition and Lifestyle since 1929.

Welcome in EAST-Tyrol, in the beautiful city and "Bergsteigerdorf" Kartitsch, in a very special house. Everything except Ordinary. Angled and grown. Not big but not small either. Definitely big enough to be really cozy. Only 27 rooms. All identical and natural and made from outstanding natural material. Stone pine. Oak. Larch. Old wood. Steel. Straightforward and casual. Stylish and cozy. Craftsmanship from East Tyrol. Full power of nature in and around our house. Far from the mainstream. Just as we like it


Waldruhe anno dazumal
die strassers


Family business since 1929.

We, the Strasser family, have been doing so for over 90 years. Uncomplicated and real. Authentic stop. Without stars and seals. Just like that - with our principles such as regionality and quality. With an honest YOU. No artificial entertainment - instead heart and soul and genuine friendliness.

Calm Pole.

Enjoy the simple things.

We do not like the higher, further and faster - attitude. Therefore, we take a more relaxed approach to the whole thing. Decelerate - enjoy the simple things in life. Nothing staged - in favor Nature. Silence. Enjoyment. Relaxation. Activity. Our location is casual, definitely unique. So you have to rest and get used to silence. Far away from mass tourism in the gentle mountain climbing village Kartitsch. There is not much there other than untouched nature, which in turn reflects quality of life and real luxury. A heaven of peace in a "stressed" world.

27 rooms. stone pine. nature.

A lot of feel-good space.

Uniquely silent.


ONLY 27 nature rooms.

Bright and friendly. Naturally. Reduced to the essentials. Fragrant wood. Sleep in a pine bed. Balcony or terrace. Extremely quiet. Interior made of stone pine and oak. Not overwhelming but cozy. And of course an LCD TV shouldn't be missing either. Stylish natural bath with rain shower. All rooms are equally equipped. They only differ in size. Therefore we divide them into the category size S. M. L. XL or Family. Almost everything from 20sqm - 37sqm. Uncomplicated. And casual. Very important.

A lot of nature. Clear lines. No frills. Stylish woody and very cozy. Treasures from over 90 years can be found throughout the house. History and stories. Well, there is a lot to tell. A real family business since 1929. The house is like a small museum.


We love regionality.

We work with selected farmers from the region. Sort of farm to table. Likewise with the daily evening meal. The shorter the delivery routes, the better it is for us. 100% from the Lesachtal, East Tyrol and the neighboring South Tyrol. The casual young kitchen team around Michaela, Martin, Dominik and Co. will spoil you with fresh and hip dishes. And I'm also still in. Without any additives. Fresh, HIP and casual. Fresh fish from Greifenburg every day, 100% Lesachtal meat and upbeat vegetarian-vegan creations.


  • East Tyrolean breakfast buffet from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m
    • Products directly from the farmer - "Farm to table"
    • 100% regionality for dairy products. Cheese. Cold cuts. eg.
    • Fresh egg variants from the mobile chicken coop.
    • Coffee specialties "Swiss masterpiece (Thermoplan) meets East Tyrolean quality roasters (Mocafe)"
    • Organic tea assortment from Bioteaque
  • Strudel and cake 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m
  • Evening cuisine 6:45 p.m. - 7:45 p.m
    • Salads and antipasti from the buffet
    • Soup
    • Main course (daily choice between meat from the Lesachtal, fish from Greifenburg and vegan/vegetarian dishes)
    • Dessert
  • 5-course surprise menu every Sunday
  • Barbecue evening every Wednesday from the Ofyre Grill
  • Water from own source

Lounge and garden.

Our big livingroom.

The casual heart of the house. The meeting point for reading, relax, chatting. etc. Our large living room. In winter you can enjoy the view through the glass front with a wonderful view of the garden. In summer, we open it and merge thereby easily inside with outside. Because lounging is also done outdoors in summer. Gladly at breakfast or dinner with a view of the village mountain. But the best thing is to find your favorite place by yourself. Because that's how vacation goes a la Waldruhe.


Let your soul dangle.

Not huge but not small either. We think the place is just right. You can relax in the sauna and relax after the day tour. Two saunas, Luis Trenker infrared cabin, steam bath, massage showers. And very importantly casual daybeds for full Chillax. Relax the muscles loosely and fuzzy.



We are all passionate athletes here. You can tell that from the fact that we are totally balanced. You have the best with us right outside the door. The nature. And there is a lot of that.


Oh yeah. That is our passion. Many opportunities to explore the untouched nature. Of course there is GPS on site. As well a casual e-bike and biker rental from Specialized Bikes. They are really steep. Of course we offer you the complete package with workshop, garage etc.

Summer Activities.

Rafting. Climbing. Bouldering. and so on...

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